City of Boynton Beach DES – CEP

The project encompassed the construction of a central energy plant and the installation of an underground chilled water pipeline spanning over a mile. The chilled water system was extended to serve the newly built City Hall/Library, High School, and Fire Station. The design included provisions for future integration with the Boynton Beach Town Square redevelopment project. The plant itself comprised two 1500-ton centrifugal chillers, two 1500-ton fiberglass towers, and the necessary chilled and condenser water pumps. Piping was engineered and manufactured in-house during the construction process. This strategy facilitated prompt installation upon the completion of the structure’s shell. The plant’s piping system was designed and implemented to allow for the potential expansion of a chiller and cooling tower. The chilled water supply for both existing and upcoming Town Square projects relies on a network of new pipelines installed beneath local city streets, with provisions for valve connections at potential development and expansion sites. The installation of these pipelines posed challenges due to the continued activity of local streets during construction. The installation process was confined to specific localized areas, necessitating the daily deployment of traffic control measures. All city streets were required to reopen for evening traffic at 5 PM.

Project Timeline: 2018 – 2020