Jackson Memorial Hospital

This 3-story vertical expansion ICU tower at Jackson Memorial Hospital is situated in Miami, FL. The initial Diagnostic Treatment Center (DTC) building was a three-story structure, covering roughly 441,000 sq. ft. SMC involvement primarily entailed expanding the existing building by three new levels and conducting minor renovation work in the basement. Additional above-ceiling tasks at the first and third levels were also executed. This vertical expansion of the new DTC building involved an “overbuild” strategy, encompassing approximately 124,000 BGSF. It incorporated three additional ICU bed levels, resulting in a total of six levels. Within this expansion, 38 existing ICU beds were relocated, while 44 new ICU beds were integrated, bringing the project’s total ICU bed count to 82. Importantly, all these modifications were executed without disrupting the operation of the existing three levels. Project Timeline: 2019 – 2021